Sunday, April 19, 2009


It's spring again...thank goodness...all the beautiful flowers are in bloom..but, it also means spring sports are back. Jens' little Helena is playing what you might call a never ending game..TEE BALL. Then my son Rob coaches his two boys Jake and Trevor in flag son David has 6 children..who play soccer and baseball and my son Tony has a son and daughter playing that wonderful entertaining game TEE BALL. Two out of the four have sent their looks like a busy spring. I really do enjoy watching the children. On our visits out to Utah, we have had the privilege of watching our grandson Lear play soccer. It's really special and we try our best to get to all the games, even the ones in Pa. I'll be posting pictures as the season goes on. Enjoy.


  1. I haven't seen a new post for so long that I don't always think to check here! Glad to see the photos too. Cute family members. :) Lear is now finished playing soccer, so our sports days are done until we have little grandkids that play tee ball.

  2. the thought that you would have grandchildren is practically unthinkable to me. are you catching up with us? you aren't old enough to even have children in college at least in my mind. oh dear...