Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Gramma of 18 and loving it....

This past Christmas my youngest daughter Jennifer the mother of three small children surprised me with this wonderful art work...around the title "Grandchildren are Love" she designed personalized images of all the children. I have such talented daughters... my boys are terrific too.. Can you tell I'm a proud Mama..

Wednesday, February 18, 2009


Last night Bob and I met some old and dear friends for dinner. It was such a great evening, we talked about our children, grandchildren and how beautiful, handsome and of course precious they are to us..many stories and many laughs..it was so much fun being with them again. Between us we have 9 children and 22 grandchildren...so needless to say we talked the night away. Sometimes we lose contact with people for a while and then one night at dinner and all the old feelings are back. A friendship like this one will always survive..no matter how long we've been apart.

Sunday, February 15, 2009

A Day in the Life of.....

The day in the life of a true blue gramma means spending 2 hours in a high school gym that has a funny odor..my guess...sweat from 100 little boys rolling all over the floor..they are called wrestlers..one being my 65 lb. grandson Trevor who seems to possess the ability to win. If not by strength then by sheer determination... Today he won two matches and lost one...but, he has a terrific attitude..losing doesn't seem to bother him too much. Once the match is over he packs up his gear, thanks us for coming to see him and off he goes. He's such a cutie. Here's a picture of our Mr. T.

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

A new adventure.

How do I begin this new adventure..I want to be good at it..so I'll do my best. My daughter Kazzy has been after me for months to start a blog and after many months of rejection, she did what I needed her to do..TAKE CONTROL. She set up everything (name and all) and had me on the telephone walking me through the entire process. She's amazing, as all of her blog followers already know. My Life as Lanie, what a great title and what a great life. My mother gave me that nickname when I was just a little one..she (v0) also gave Kazzy her nom de plume. Mom had many gifts and I guess picking nicknames was one of her talents.

Lanie, is the mother of 5 and grandma of 18, so life is very busy and very, very exciting. I'm sure I'll be sharing many stories about these treasures of mine. They keep me young. (tired, but young) I was going to post a picture of one of my grandsons at his wrestling match this week-end, BUT, I forgot to bring my camera with me...then I was going to take a picture of my girlfriends at the local volunteer fire hall playing bingo (yes, I play bingo...don't hold that against me ok) BUT, the batteries on my camera died. This is what life is about when you get older..a simple plan like taking pictures becomes a major task. Then, I thought, hey, at least I remembered where I hid the camera. That's another thing...when you get older you start to hide things...

I believe I'm going to find this new adventure very therapeutic. Thank you beautiful Kazzy.

Saturday, February 7, 2009

Well, I'm finally entering the 21st century. Life begins at 69.